There are different kind of washers – Wave Washers and Gallock – Wedge Lock Washers.

Wave Washers are washers with a wave form and gives an axial force when the waves are flattened out during compression. The function is similar to wave springs, but wave washers have only one coil.
Wave washers can be produced by stamping from sheet metal or coiling from flat rolled wire. Stamped washers are normally closed, whereas coiled wave washers are naturally open.

We have a standard stock of wave washers that satisfy the majority of requirements. However, if you need a customized washer with specific dimensions, material etc. we are ready to assist you in designing the most optimal spring solution.

Gallock-Wedge Lock Washers ensure the integrity of fastener thread systems by using tension rather than friction, which is the basis of most traditional fastening methods. This provides security to the threaded systems.

Gallock-Wedge Lock Washers consists of two identical flat washers which have a set of cams on one side and a radial knurling on the other. These two washers are supplied glued together, in order to avoid any orientation mistake during assembly.



Outer spring diameter 9-250 mm

Special versions and special dimensions are available after individual consultation.


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