Velleuer qualifies employees for the future

The employees at Velleuer have great opportunities to develop their skills and take new steps in their careers. Study visit to other industrial companies is one way of enhancing skills; another is further training at the local technical academy.

The German Lesjöfors company Velleuer acknowledges the great importance of further education and employees can easily continue their career paths.

Insight in the world´s largest steel industry

One way to obtain new insights and enhance employee skills is through field trips, visiting industrial companies in other cities. Recently a Velleuer team of four followed an invitation from the VDI, the Association of German Engineers, to visit the magnificent Hüttenwerke Krupp-Mannesmann in Duisburg.

Duisburg still is the biggest steel producing city in the world, casting more than 20 million tons of steel in two companies. The Velleuer group were able to follow the entire process chain – from ore and coal delivery in the company´s port on river Rhine to the coking plant, blast furnace, steelmaking and vertical continuous casting. The participants were very impressed by the massive crucibles of molten pig iron and the high quality of the delivered wire and strip materials.

Further academic education

Another way to take further career steps is to study at college to obtain a master’s degree or a technician’s degree. Velleuer has a close relation with the Berufskolleg Niederberg, the local academy for junior technical staff. On a regular basis, employees qualify there as junior executives for industry.

In February, two graduates from Velleuer presented their final projects for an audience of professional technicians. Johann Wiens from the maintenance department and his four co-workers presented a new, flexibly adaptable construction with which stamped and bent parts can be gently and inline packed in various containers.

Robin Podolsky, Technical Sales, and his team presented an innovative solution that makes the assembly of progressive tools up to 1 000 mm in length much more efficient. This new concept significantly reduces assembly times and frees up potential for more new tool orders.

Frank Jahn, MD of Velleuer is satisfied with the development:
“We are very happy that our company can attract devoted, highly skilled people who continuously want to develop themselves and our company’s products and processes into the future”.

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