New welding machine speeds up production in Latvia further

A new spot welding machine has brought many advantages to the Latvian factory. Manual tasks have been reduced and the machine can weld up to six spots on the same surface at a time, which gives a multi doubling of the efficiency.

A new spot welding machine, Daching DDI-200-PJ, have recently made its’ entrance in the Lesjöfors factory in Latvia, which means a great development in efficiency for the production of items that need spot welding. The Liepaja factory have large volumes of projects where several details need to be connected with each other, in some cases also with several welding points on the same surface of a detail.

Ingars Jaunzems, MD for Lesjöfors Springs LV explains how the old procedure was working:
“As our existing welding machines were small in size and weak by force, we used many manual operations, and welded the points one by one. This was both time consuming and opened up for human errors, which was not satisfying in the long run for us.”


One of Latvia’s latest project – power springs housings for Wittur’s lift doors – had six welding points in one surface and the time consumption in this case was consequently significant with the old manual method.

“Thanks to the new Daching machine we can now weld all these six spots at the same time, which has reduced the production time considerably. We estimate the efficiency improvement in this process about ten times compared to the earlier way of doing it, which is truly impressing.”


Another project where the production speed has decreased is for the Latvian IT company Mikrotik, a company who develops routers and wireless ISP systems. Mikrotik provides hardware and software for Internet connectivity in most of the countries around the world. Lesjöfors manufactures stampings for one of Mikrotik’s products, which has four welded spots with M6 nuts.

In this video, you can see how the machine simultaneously welds the four M6 nuts on the stamping.

Lesjöfors AB