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Access to the world’s widest range of springs and expertise in every local customer meeting

Lesjöfors, with 26 production sites worldwide, is a global spring company with the perhaps widest product range. Through our decentralized structure and local way of working where we know our customer, we ensure the best customer service.

Karlstad, Sweden – Lesjöfors´ expansion in the field of springs continues. Our annual sales reach approximately SEK 2.1 billion at our 26 factories around the world. Each company in the group has overall responsibility for its´ operations, and focus on serving its´ customers in all product areas covered by the Lesjöfors group´s range. The network of technical specialists worldwide ensures the best possible product solutions for each customer’s needs. We think big-scale and global but work small-scale near our customers.

The same quality wherever the customer is located

Lesjöfors has an infrastructure that allows us to serve our customers all over the world with perhaps the world’s widest range of products within springs and pressings. Our European customers with operations in Asia or America can, if needed, receive local supplies with the same good service as in Europe. This is an important ground stone in our strategy for the future.

Strong expansion expected for new product areas

We probably have the widest spring range in the world, which cover just about all our customers´ spring needs. We have further expanded our product range and are now investing for growth in our new spring areas; high-coiled wave springs and power springs. We see a strong future expansion for Lesjöfors in these new product areas. Power springs are manufactured in the United States, Mexico and from 2017 also in Latvia. High-coiled spring springs are manufactured by our company Stece Fjädrar in Sweden. We have also expanded our standard catalogue of new products in these areas. The new catalogue, expanded with a lot of new articles, will be launched in August.

Expertise quickly responds to customer needs

It is through first-class service and optimal product solutions that we add customer value. The decentralized way of working that characterizes the entire Lesjöfors group’s companies ensures the commitment and close relations of our customers and technicians. At the same time, our broad business and network of technicians mean that we always have access to excellence within the specific areas where our customers have spring requirements. This is also a very important pillar in the Lesjöfors strategy.

We are determined to care for our good reputation and our goal is to always exceed customer expectations so that our services and solutions give new opportunities. We believe we have reached far and we continue on the pathway by constantly striving to get even better.

On behalf of the Lesjöfors Group I would like to wish everyone a nice summer and look forward to secure your future spring needs in close cooperations.

Kjell-Arne Lindbäck

Lesjöfors AB