Manufacturing expansion in India will supply the US door spring market

In the US, almost every American house has a garage. Therefore, the market for residential overhead garage doors is enormous in this continent. Together with an increasing demand for overhead doors from the industrial building sector, the American door spring market is about four times larger than in Europe, an opportunity where Alcomex, part of the Lesjöfors Group, is making the most.

The manufacture of door springs is one important expertise that Alcomex holds. Alcomex provides both standardized and customized torsion and tension door springs in their range. The custom-made door springs are manufactured in the Dutch city of Opmeer, Netherlands and in Marki, Poland.

Standard door spring production

Since 2008, Alcomex manufacture standardized door springs in Pune, India, where the Indian subsidiary owns a 10,000 square meter industrial site. Most of the produced volume is exported to Europe. The Indian factory has experienced a constant growth since start and annually, producing approximately one third of our global volume of door springs.

New production line and warehouse

Thanks to being part of the Lesjöfors group, Alcomex has made a major investment in India to expand the manufacturing and warehouse in order to take advantage of the potential in the US market. Already in the second quarter of 2023, a new production line will be taken into use and create many new job opportunities. Just to mention some new equipment there will be new coiling, shaping and assembly machines as well as lines for painting, powder coating, printing and waxing. In the end of the year, a new-built warehouse of 2,500 square meters is also ready to stock the door springs before shipping.

Jelle van Vliet and Conrad Hietink, MD’s of Alcomex comment on the investments:

“The size of the investment in India is about 1.9 MEUR and will more than double our capacity, opening the door for a successful entry in the North American market.”

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