Local presence and global production solve many problems

Several companies affected by consequences from the coronavirus have contacted Lesjöfors. Since we have manufacturing at many locations around the world, we have solved delivery problems promptly.

Karlstad, Sweden – The Lesjöfors Group comprises nearly 40 manufacturing plants and sales units across Europe, Asia and North America. Many of our customers are also multinational companies with operations in many countries. Therefore, it is a huge asset to be able to provide both production and deliveries locally in crises such as the current.

“Many companies have already turned to us for problems with deliveries from Southern Europe and Asia that have arisen in the footsteps of the corona crisis and we are happy that we have been able to support them. Furthermore, with our large geographical spread, there is always a company that can cover another if needed in case of temporary outages”, says Jakob Lindquist, Vice President Business Group Nordic.

Awareness of other product groups

Another side effect from customers’ delivery crisis is that they have found that the Lesjöfors companies altogether offer a very wide assortment of required products beyond the range they usually order.

Business as usual

Most plants have basically unchanged capacity and can deliver as planned. All units have taken strict security and hygiene measures and our staff is handling the ongoing customer contact mainly by online communication.

“Health and security for our staff are our main priorities. Currently, our capacity is basically unchanged and we are solving spring challenges for our customers just as usual. The projects are many and proceed according to plan, and we welcome everyone to contact us for spring discussions”, says Jakob Lindquist.

Please get in touch with your regular Lesjöfors contact. Or fill in the form and we will contact you about your requirements.  

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