Lesjöfors Spring Catalogue #15 launched filled with news

Lesjöfors´ wide range of standard springs is unique in the world market. The new edition of the spring catalogue is slightly changed and improved. The range is more extensive than ever.

Stockholm, Sweden – As spring material is improved, the mechanical properties also change. All wire springs, such as compression springs, tension springs and torsion springs, have now been recalculated and the values for loaded length, rate and loaded force et cetera have been updated.

Widest range ever

In order to offer a wider and more varied range of springs, catalogue number 14 is expanded with more articles. Below follows a selection:
– Micro compression springs in wire diameter from 0.08 mm – new standard including 163 articles
– Wave springs in stainless steel – new standard with 170 articles
– Tool springs – new ultra-light line and extended range of super- and ultra-strong line, containing 159 new articles
– New range of cross-curved coiled power spring – a lighter spring but with same performance as our original line, a total of 40 new articles
– New range of disc springs – we use 1.4568 materials to achieve a higher permissible working temperature and increased service life, six new items are offered
– New range of gas springs – two different types with dimensions 12-4 located in the power range 10N-140N and a new series of dimensions 40-20 located in the 2400N-4000N power range. We have a wide assortment of different end fittings for these models. We count 112 new gas springs and 19 new end fittings.
– New accessories for our range of lockable gas springs – a series of designed “push buttons” that control the gas spring´s blocking function. A total of eight new articles.

Simplified search

All compression and tension spring groups have been merged into one individual group to simplify searching for the right item. Now all the compression springs are placed in a logical order by size in one group and tension springs in another.

The names of all articles have been changed except for gas springs. This means they are adapted to a more international standard. However, article numbers are the same as before. Mårten Glas, responsible for Lesjöfors standard range and MD of Lesjöfors Stockholms Fjäder is very pleased with the changes in the 14th edition:
“The Spring Catalogue is known to be a door-opener throughout the group and we are constantly approached with requests of new editions. We are happy to present a new, further developed 14th edition. Thanks to an improved and expanded range,  Lesjöfors’ leading position in the field of springs has been further strengthened.”

Lesjöfors AB