Gas struts from Metrol Springs enable innovative control

UK based Metrol Springs is the newest company in the Lesjöfors group. Their gas struts are able to suit many unique customer requirements and the solutions are effective. One example is a custom-made anvil slide that helps to utilize the truck space more effectively.

Northampton, UK – The metal fabrication company N & J Aluminium had the need to fit a gas strut inside a specially fabricated metal frame that allowed it to be depressed and extended under force. Metrol Springs solved their problem by providing a gas strut that is installed in the extending frame, which is located under the anvil.

Efficient and safe solution

The gas strut enables the frame to extend and retract under force, allowing the anvil to be put away with ease. Aeren Bullman, Creative Lead at Metrol Springs comments on the custom-made solution:
“N & J’s gas strut solution not only helps to utilise the truck space more effectively, but equally to operate the anvil slide easily and safely. This is a solution we provide quite regularly, although the application in this case is unique, the function is usually very similar from one to the next.”

You can see the struts in action here

Capability and competence added

Metrol Springs are currently the UK’s largest manufacturer of gas springs and gas struts, taking pride in exporting high quality products around the world from the UK factory. Metrol adds additional capability and competence to the Lesjöfors group’s market offering, strengthening the group’s global position. This capability really comes in to its own where the standard range of gas springs stop at 4,000daN while the Metrol range offers up to 20,000daN, opening new opportunities for all Lesjöfors customers.

“Our engineers are able to custom design gas springs and gas struts, manufacturing them from the highest quality materials suitable for many applications. In addition, we can adapt any design to accommodate specific lengths, connections, and end-fittings within our factory. Please contact us with your enquries”, says Aeren Bullman.

Contact info

For customer service support, or any further information, please contact the technical team 0044-1604 499332 or email Your existing Lesjöfors contact can also guide you.  

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