Full speed in the Finnish industrial sector

Finland is booming and the industrial sector is leading the way. The great optimism was noticeable in the buzz at Alihankinta, the annual trade show for subcontractors in Finland.

Åbo, Finland – Alihankinta is the name of the annual subcontracting trade fair in Tampere, Finland and was held September 25-27 in 2018. Approximately 17,000 Industrial professionals mingled among the 1,000 exhibitors in four exhibition halls.

Focus on personal relations

Lesjöfors is a loyal exhibitor and this was the 20th consecutive exhibition in a row at Alihankinta. In their first year, there were only 300 exhibitors in one exhibition hall.
“The trade show has expanded enormously and is now a very important hub for all industrial sectors. It´s a must to participate; apart from meeting the 450 exhibiting companies that already are in our order books, it is a golden opportunity to meet key persons from all sectors with the common thing that they all need spring products in one way or the other”, says Bertel Ridberg, MD of Lesjöfors Springs Oy in Kaarina, Finland.

Strong growth in Finland

The Finnish economy is booming and the growth of the GDP is expected to increase with 2.9% in 2018, according to the Bank of Finland. The prosperous international economy means that the Finnish export companies are leading the growth league. Lesjöfors notice a significant increase in demand for spring products after several tough years. The increase regards the spring range overall, but foremost the range of stock springs and gas springs.  
Ridberg continues: “Lesjöfors is unique when it comes to stock springs and gas springs. Our customers greatly appreciate our overall service with an extraordinary range of high qualitative products and fast deliveries of stock springs.”

New recruitment of key competence

In order to take advantage of the increasing demand for Lesjöfors´ products, a new sales manager is recruited. Janne Salminen has previously worked in the automotive industry with imports, spare parts and B2B sales.
Bertel Ridberg concludes: “Janne has a wide and extensive background within the industrial sector with sales and support. We are happy to have him onboard and he will be an important reinforcement to our team´s further success.”

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