Close cooperation gave wheel lockers preventing loose truck wheels

Lesjöfors has participated in an innovation project for wheel lockers. The new wire product prevents truck wheels from falling off with a simple and reusable construction.

Nordmarkshyttan, Sweden – Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar in Nordmarkshyttan, Sweden was contacted by the innovator Jonas Flädjemark from company Flädjemark Sports with a request of assistance in the process of developing a new wheel locker that holds wheel nuts in place. There was a demand for no need of any special equipment to mount or demount the wheel lockers as well as long lifespan for the product.  

Prestigeless and professional process

The innovator had a basic idea about the product, but it needed to be further developed. The staff at Nordmarkshyttan was involved and worked out a solution that improved the product in operation and manufacturing. The outcome was a wheel locker, Nutblock, in stainless steel.

“To let the manufacturer of your innovation be a part of the process from an early stage means that you don´t have to start all over many times and this is very time and cost effective. With many different perspectives on the product and process also give a better final outcome. Especially if you have a speaking partner that is prestigeless and extremely professional as the people in Nordmarkshyttan. I felt safe as an innovator, especially since I did not apply for the patent before we were sure of functionality and design of the wheel locker, says Jonas Flädjemark.

Product already on the European market

A positive side effect of the work with Nutblock was that with a few adjustments, the manufacturing process can be adapted to any felly/wheel nut size. A distribution agreement has been made with Safety Seal Europe which supply the major tire and felly workshops in Europe.

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