Success for trampolines with well-balanced Swedish quality springs

It´s springtime = time to jump around! With a new outdoor season just around the corner, the timing for a story about trampoline springs could not be better. Lesjöfors customized tension springs for trampolines have contributed to making North Trampoline's Performer a success.

The introduction of the premium trampoline Performer has been a success for the Gothenburg-based trampoline specialist North Trampoline. The company ships trampolines to 22 countries in Europe and has just started sales in the US. Australia will follow later this year. North Trampoline expects that sales of the Performer trampoline, launched in 2019, will triple in the coming years from a level that was far above expectations for a newly launched product.

Thomas Hagel, R&D Manager at North Trampoline comments on the launch of the Performer trampoline:

“There is a high demand from the market and Performer has been extremely well received. The higher quality that lies in the more expensive price corresponds well to the users’ expectations and the received customer reviews reveal users that are very content with the product.”


In the development process of the high-class trampoline, North Trampoline put high demands on performance, quality and safety. For obvious reasons, the tension springs have a key function and hence North Trampoline turned to Lesjöfors with a request for development of an ultimate spring solution.

“Lesjöfors has spring development in its DNA so once we were clear about the requirements of the springs, the journey to a well-balanced spring with high dynamics and a long lifespan was smooth”, says Henrik Berner, Business Development Manager for Lesjöfors Sweden.


North Trampoline develops all new trampolines in Sweden, which guarantees a focus on quality and safety. When possible, the company uses Swedish subcontractors, Lesjöfors being one of the premier. Thomas Hagel explains why:

“The ease of having a partnership based on the same values as ours cannot be underestimated. Competence, responsiveness and flexibility are factors that make us happy to recommend Lesjöfors to others.”

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