Customer relations and spring knowledge advanced with Lesjofors training day

When our customers have a basic knowledge in spring technology, it delivers a more cost-effective and accurate spring solution for them. Our Finnish company recently hosted a spring training day in Estonia which was a ’win, win’ for all.

The company Alas-Kuul, serves Estonia and Latvia with its wide product ranging from electric motors and welding gear to compressed air equipment and vacuum pumps. The company is a customer of Lesjöfors Springs Oy in Finland and recently, the Finnish company held a training day in spring technology for ten employees at Alas-Kuul’s head office in Tallinn, Estonia.

Stefan Musslinder, Group Development Manager for spring technology in the Lesjöfors group led the participants through different modules, such as the characteristics of different spring types, calculations and the importance of correct design drawings. The Alas-Kuul team was also provided with a manual of essential spring data which they could share with their customers to provide the best product solutions.

Purchasers with spring knowledge

The initiative to the training came from Janne Salminen, Technical Sales at Lesjöfors Springs Oy, which was very much appreciated by Alas-Kuul.

It is much easier for us to deliver the optimal spring to the customer if we have accurately designed drawings. To achieve that, the purchaser must have a basic knowledge in spring technology. The training was a win-win for both parts” says Janne Salminen.

Martin Keernik, team leader at Alas-Kuul was very happy with the outcome of the training. The training not only deepened the knowledge and relationship between purchasers and technicians, it has led to another training session on gas springs which will be delivered before the summer break.

Training for individual needs

Working closely with our customers, understanding their business model and needs and combining this with our cutting-edge spring expertise, offers a perfect environment for bespoke training sessions built on the individual company’s needs.

If you would like to discuss knowledge sharing and training days with us,  please contact your local Lesjöfors plant or office.

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