Close-up of Kabe caravan window with child and woman, sharing a moment

Adventures start with Lesjöfors gas springs and Kabe 

Hitting the road, escaping the day to day, and setting off into the sunset with hope of adventures ahead, is everything that the life of a caravan or motorhome enthusiast dreams of. Lesjӧfors and Kabe have delivered on those dreams for over 15 years in a customer and supplier partnership that has quality at the heart of it. 

Extreme travel 

Kabe is a Swedish manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes, and their tens of 1000s of owners travel across the globe enduring temperatures from -35 ̊C to + 40 ̊C. Lesjӧfors gas springs are an integral part of Kabe manufacture and have to withstand extreme environmental conditions to deliver the quality experience expected by Kabe motorhome and caravan users. 

Number one  

Thomas Hermansson, Engineering Team Leader for Kabe says: “Whenever we innovate something new, whenever we need a new gas spring to perform a new function, Lesjӧfors are always our first thought. 

Lesjӧfors are the number one option for our team of engineers, and ultimately for our customers too. Our customers expect longevity, reliability and durability for their motorhomes and caravans, and we must deliver on that with the component parts that integrate to build our quality products.” 

Long-term partnership 

There might be up to 10-20 gas springs in any one motorhome but it’s never one type fits all. Specifications for each spring’s application are different and samples and prototypes are tested by both parties’ engineers to secure the spring solution. 

It’s this relationship that has built the long-term supply partnership between Kabe and Lesjöfors, one that is built on trust, responsiveness and innovation securing spring solutions for Sweden’s leading caravan manufacturer. 

Per Lindros, gas and stock springs Sales Manager for Lesjӧfors adds: “Our supply to Kabe started years ago with gas springs for the top lockers. It then grew to hatch spring supply and then doors and we now supply every gas spring element for Kabe. It’s an honour to work with one of Europe’s premium caravan manufacturers and to ensure their premium brand thrives, supported by our gas spring supply.” 

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