Metrol Springs is one of the newest members of the Lesjöfors family. With large investments in new machinery and greater access to an expansive global market, the future looks bright for the British gas spring experts.

Established in 1984, Metrol Springs is a gas spring design and manufacturing company, specialising in the manufacturing of tooling gas springs, special purpose gas springs and struts, and motion control products.


With a global customer base extending across UK, Europe, the US and Asia, Lesjöfors acquired Metrol in 2020 which instantly expanded Metrol’s market reach. Moreover, not only did new markets emerge, but a new owner also brought greater opportunities for investments in the latest machinery on the market. Under the guidance of Lesjöfors, Metrol has continued to flourish. The coexistence of Metrol’s established sales and manufacturing techniques alongside the Lesjöfors groups’ unconditional support, both managerially and economically, has provided Metrol with continual and effective support.

Rob Lamb, MD of Metrol Springs, comments on the greater opportunities since becoming part of the Lesjöfors Group:

 “Since the acquisition, we have continued to broaden our market presence and refined innovative sales techniques and products. In particular, the decentralised management structure of Lesjöfors has allowed us to retain our individuality, whilst still gaining access to the Lesjöfors Groups’ expertise and support.”


By installing automated CNC machinery, Metrol has the efficiency to process high quality, innovative products at incredibly competitive prices. The dedication to machinery investment led to the introduction of automated gas spring charging and testing. This includes an increased capacity with a new twin gantry robotic loader from CMZ. In addition, Metrol has also invested in automated laser marking, a machine with the capacity to mark up to 200 springs per session.

 “The new machines mostly allow us to produce goods a lot faster and in much greater quantities, with machines like the gas spring charging machine and gas strut charging machine allowing us to automate and carry out some processes with much greater efficiency. Moreover, at Metrol, we have new industrial printing technology to add customer part numbers and unique logos. Crucially, the laser marker and printer allow us to provide a more bespoke service to our customers with regard to body marking”, says Rob Lamb.

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