Reinforced focus on sustainability with CSR specialist

To accelerate sustainability implementation, the Lesjöfors Group has recruited a Head of Sustainability. Anna Haesert is well experienced from several Swedish industrial companies. Reviewing the entire value chain, from purchasing to the final products, is one of the prioritized areas.

The position as Head of Sustainability is new to the group. Lesjöfors, with many manufacturing companies, is the natural organization for the position. Being a member of the executive management team gives a strong foundation as well as an overall strategic outlook for the whole Beijer Alma Group. Anna Haesert comes most recently from Boliden but has also worked for Atlas Copco and in the chemical industry. She has just finished her first month in our group and these are some of her first impressions.

What is your mission as Head of Sustainability?

 “I must get to know the companies closely to fully understand their operations in order to be able to accelerate the sustainability work together with the managements. We will map the current situation, define what sustainability means for our group and set objectives based on that. Then we chart a path together how we should fulfill them. I feel a strong mandate from the Group management that this is a business-critical area where we must be one-step ahead in order to live up to current and future customer requirements and external regulations. Also for the next generation of employees, sustainability will be a decisive factor in their choice of employer. For many reasons, we must therefore make the necessary efficiencies and investments.”

How do you think Lesjöfors has performed regarding sustainability so far?

“Both Lesjöfors and the entire Beijer Alma group have worked progressively with sustainability issues for many years. The group has taken many important steps like implementing an extensive Code of conduct and pinpointing prioritized areas. Many exciting projects for the environment and climate have been completed, such as the biogas project in Lesjöfors and the solar cell park in Värnamo. Investments in digitization and new technology streamlining operations are also examples of fruitful sustainability work.”

What sustainability objectives are possible to set for a manufacturing company?

“It is inevitable that industrial companies use a lot of energy. That is why the whole chain is important to review and streamline where we can. With great interest, we will follow the fossil-free steel production development closely with H2 Green Steel and Hybrit in the north of Sweden. Other important areas to work with are also business ethics and our contribution to the development of the local communities in which we operate.”

Have you already located prioritized focus areas for the nearest future?

“Our aim is to put effort into overseeing the entire value chain, which also will become an increasingly important customer requirement. We need to ensure that, for example, materials that we purchase and transportation meet our high sustainability demands. We also want to look deeper into the final products in which our components are used.”

Can you mention something that you bring from previous employers that Lesjöfors can benefit from?

“Important areas where I am experienced are supplier evaluation based on environmental and social aspects as well as eco-design in product development, which I think the group can benefit from.”

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