Lesjöfors’ gas springs business is expanding worldwide. The reasons for this are related to new sales channels and reliable deliveries as well as recovery from last year’s dip in demand caused by corona restrictions. Customers appreciate the high service level greatly.

Almost all markets where Lesjöfors offers gas springs show positive sales curves for 2021. Segments worth a special mentioning are the boat and vehicle markets where gas springs often are crucial components.


The boat market has expanded enormously in 2021 because of the travel restrictions caused by infection risks. People stayed at home for vacation and hence, a new customer group entered the boat market. This was observable also in the gas springs order books.

On the vehicle market, Lesjöfors has experienced a sales increase for gas springs in both caravans, trailers, buses and vans as well as in solutions for interiors, steering regulators and extensions. In addition, the aftermarket show positive figures. Another segment where we see an increase in demand is from the contract manufacturing industry.

“We are excited over the fact that our sales curves are not only rising compared to the disastrous corona year 2020, but also to the record year 2019”, says Mårten Glas, MD of Lesjöfors Stockholm Fjäder.


A part of the increase correlates to the pent-up demand from 2020 when demand declined dramatically caused by the corona virus restrictions that hit industries worldwide hard. There are also other significant factors behind the expanded business. Thanks to the Lesjöfors Group’s acquisition of the spring companies De Spiraal in the Netherlands and Metrol Springs in the UK, both competence and market coverage of gas springs have significantly broadened. Additionally, the sales forces in Sweden and Germany have taken on more highly skilled staff.

“One of the major reasons why customers turn to Lesjöfors is our high accessibility through sales departments and online catalogues. Thanks to our wide stock of springs and spare parts, we can assure fast deliveries for most requests, which is something we know our customers value a lot”, says Greg Lehman, Product Manager at Lesjöfors Stockholms Fjäder.


The rising gas springs demand put the need for investments in machinery and new technology in the forefront. The company has recently started a project with the aim to identify bottlenecks in the production as an important input for necessary coming investments. The aim is to meet the rising demand of today and our customers’ future needs with a higher share of automated production processes.

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