Automation and efficiency high on the agenda

There is a lot going on in the industrial sector to increase productivity in a more sustainable way and to reduce vulnerability in the global supply chains. One of many projects within our group is a fully automated packaging process in Germany.

Being at the forefront of Industry 4.0 is high up on manufacturing companies’ agendas with digitisation, artificial intelligence, integrated systems, robotics, sensors and automated processes.

Reduce carbon footprint

The necessity to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is a major driving force for investments in modern technology. Robots and automated processes increase energy efficiency and hence directly reduce energy consumption in the production. Through higher precision, they also produce fewer defective products, which is positive for the relationship between resource input and production.

Fully automated packaging line

The Lesjöfors group are working intensively within the field with several ongoing projects. At our distribution center in Hagen, Germany, is a fully automated packaging process for automotive aftermarket springs in operation since some years. The distribution center is supplying suspension springs to the automotive industry across Central Europe. The packaging line has many advantages and can handle five times more products than the previous, which means it packs 10,000 springs on a daily basis. The optimized workflow has led to shorter lead times and faster deliveries.

Richard Küpper, MD of Lesjöfors Springs GmbH in Hagen comments:
 “We think this is the first automatic packaging line with a complete process of workflows in the automotive coil springs business area. The shorter lead times which the packaging line bring are highly appreciated by our customers.”

Increases productivity

The global situation with a pandemic and a deteriorating security situation has shown the weakness of the globalized supply chains. Through automation and with the ability to offer our customers locally produced competitive products, our productivity increases.

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