A robust Lesjöfors performs excellent despite major challenges

Overall, we can sum up a good year for our group, despite geopolitical disturbances due to the tragic war in Ukraine and challenges in the supply chains. We benefit from the fact that Lesjöfors is solid and robust. Even though we had to close our profitable operation in Russia, the group is doing well and we will reach the goals set for the year.

An updated Lesjöfors takes us into the future

Looking at overall initiatives, we continue to develop our sales platform, which will facilitate marketing and cross selling of the complete Lesjöfors product range in all regions. Another initiative, ”An Updated Lesjöfors”, covers the areas of digitalisation, sustainability and strategic HR. We have several projects up and running, including a new e-commerce platform. Our objective is to be one-step ahead of our competitors in all three areas. This is also well in line with our new brand platform that we launched earlier this year. Our vision is clear: to become Number One. To achieve this, our customers must perceive us to be at the forefront in all essential areas.

We are growing with more companies

Size and profitability are linked. Where we are strong positioned – geographically or through product segment – we also have good earnings. Therefore, it is important to be one of the three largest players in relevant markets. Acquisitions is a strategy to help us secure that. As a proof of this, recent acquisitions in the US have made Lesjöfors one of the ten largest spring manufacturers. Our goal is to grow more in this and other prioritized markets.

Telform, our latest addition to the family and our first company in Turkey, adds not only an interesting local market but also an excellent base to supply customers in Europe and other parts of the world.

Emission targets in focus until 2030

We have an offensive plan for our sustainability work up until 2030. We focus on emissions in scope 3, which includes our supplier base. The reason is that the main part of our emissions is linked to the use of steel and other materials. At the same time, we have set more specific emission targets.

There is of course an uncertainty regarding the market development in 2023. We do not yet see signs of a slowdown in our order books, but are well prepared in the event that market conditions change.

A sincere thank you

None of the above progress would be possible if our customers did not experience the best possible spring solution in every aspect. Without satisfied customers, there is no Lesjöfors.

I wish you a restful and pleasant holiday with your loved ones and I look forward to develop our group further in close cooperation with you.

Ola Tengroth, CEO

Lesjöfors AB