Customer training courses in spring design in Tinglev

Lesjöfors in Tinglev has a strong focus on further developing their good customer relations. The company has three customer access points: purchase, construction and logistic. Now they have started spring training courses for customers.

Over the years, Lesjöfors Tinglev has experienced that their customers have great theoretical knowledge in spring design. To make the cooperation process even smoother, the company has started training courses for customers. Thanks to this, the customers´ knowledge about factors that can affect the result during the process of making a spring is profoundly widened.

Close cooperations

Kim Holm Jørgensen, Key Account Manager at Tinglev, says:
“We want to be part of the development process from the beginning in close cooperation with our customers´ development departments. We believe that knowing the people in the construction department personally and them knowing about spring production will make the product better and cooperation easier.”

Customized courses

So far this year Tinglev has held four spring courses, three of them in-house and one at a customer site in Austria. The customized courses for the construction engineers consist of two parts. The first section is a general overview about the great opportunities the Lesjöfors Group offer through the wide product range and collective spring expertise. The second section is a lecture about spring design, materials, manufacturing processes and how different elements can influence the result etc.

If you are interested in a similar course at your company, don´t hesitate to ask your regular Lesjöfors contact person or find contact information here.

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