Putting the bounce into gymnastics

Springs perfectly customized for elite gymnastics spring floors is one of the latest development projects for our UK based subsidiary Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK.

When you watch a gymnast flip, tumble and twist, jaw dropping at their balance, flexibility, agility and endurance, you rarely think of what’s happening beneath their feet.

Underneath the floor mat supporting the artistry is literally a web of springs, specifically designed to facilitate the needs of the gymnast.

Essential spring components

Lesjofors Heavy Springs UK has been working with Tumbl Trak, the international distributor of gymnastic equipment, to develop a high-quality sprung floor spring, to further enhance the experience gained by athletes using their spring floors.

Andreas Adams, Assistant Director of Tumbl Trak UK Ltd says: “As gymnasts push the boundaries of what is humanly possible, it is essential that the equipment they use develops and evolves with them. The gymnastics floor area has seen numerous improvements and adaptations over the years, all with the aim of increasing performance while keeping the gymnast as safe as possible. Spring material choice, design and layout are essential components in the making of a floor area, and using the best quality materials is of the utmost importance.

Premium training equipment

The Tumble Trak team is delighted to onshore their supply by securing the spring manufacture in the UK.

“Working with Lesjofors Heavy Springs UK, enables us to achieve this level of quality and provides gymnasts and clubs with high-quality training equipment, allowing them to ”Train smart” and continue enjoying the wonderful sport that is gymnastics”, says Andreas Adams. 

So, next time you’re watching in awe at the twists and turns of gymnasts, think of the spring that has added that extra bit of bounce to their routine.

Lesjöfors AB