Front-edge production facilities in Slovakia meet future needs

The new production plant for Lesjöfors´ Slovakian company Centrum B is now officially opened. At an opening ceremony on November 23 the new ultramodern production facitilities were inaugurated.

Myjava, Slovakia – Centrum B specializes in the manufacturing of coiled springs such as compression springstension springs and torsion springs in wire diameters 0,1-2,6 mm. In less than five months Centrum B´s new production hall in Myjava, Slovakia has grown with an area of 2 000 m2 and administrative spaces with 720 m2. Today there are 40 employees working at the plant, but the new premises is designed for expansion with up to 60 employees.  

Investment for future expansion

The Slovakian business is doing very well. There are a number of important projects elaborated, a lot of new incoming orders and annual increases in sales and profit reaches approx. 20-25%. The new plant is historically one of the largest investments for the Lesjöfors Group and the first new facilities ever built from the ground.

We are so grateful to have the confidence from the Lesjöfors Group to believe in our company and now it’s our responsibility to capitalize this investment and make it beneficial for the whole group as well as our owners. We have a young team with loads of knowledge which I find is a great foundation for further successful development“, says Ján Macuha, MD of Centrum B.  

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