Lesjöfors takes new steps into the space sector

In July 2020, the US company Purdy Engineering contacted John While Solutions in Singapore to develop and manufacture volute springs for a space vessel. The smooth spring development process resulted in a satisfied customer and high-performance springs in space.


Singapore – The American space industry is still very active, but is transforming from government sponsorship to being entrepreneurially driven. One of the most well-known space projects is Falcon 9 that in June took two astronauts to the International Space Station ISS. It was the first rocket ever designed and manufactured by a privately held company, Space X, founded by the Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk.


Another player in developing the American space engineering business is Bill Purdy (Purdy Engineering). Bill Purdy has worked in the space industry for decades with system engineering innovations and troubleshooting in many space projects. In July 2020, he contacted the Lesjöfors company John While Solutions in Singapore (JWSL) for a request regarding volute springs. Purdy Engineering needed volute springs in stainless steel for a space vessel in progress. The following weeks, many discussions took place regarding dimensions, force and spring design that would fit in the assembly constraints.


Making springs for space vessels is not an everyday task for JWSL, so the staff found it exciting. The technical engineers did their utmost with even further quality improvements on the springs that was beyond the customer request. The smooth developing process resulted in the manufacture of 40 prototype springs that John While Solutions now has shipped to Maryland, America. But why did the American company choose to select a spring manufacturer half the world away? Roy Loh, Vice President spring technology Asia explains:

“We got the response upon the question that JWSL was the most responsive company to the request and that it was just as easy to work with a company in Singapore as it is to have the supplier next door. We are very happy to contribute with our knowledge and capability to such an exotic business for us.”

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