Improvements and progress in all corners of Lesjöfors China

For many years, Lesjöfors China has worked hard to be a top class automotive supplier. In addition to full awareness and compliance to our automotive customers’ needs, improved quality methods for customers in other segments are also achieved.

Lesjöfors China has made improvements in multiple areas and most noticeable is of course the factory layout that meets a good international standard. Customers and other visitors have given a lot of positive feedback, which is a satisfying proof of quality.

Equipped for the future

Among other things, Lesjöfors China has focused on investments in environmental and safety equipment such as shot peening, dust exhaust, waste air and wastewater handling. Lesjöfors´ owner company Beijer Alma demands that all companies in the group must live up to a good international standard and good practice in this field.  
“It feels good to not only having reached the targets but also to be well-equipped for future even harder demands concerning environment and safety”, says Mikael Andersson, MD of Lesjöfors China.

Heavy investments in production facilities

Another spotlight area for the Chinese subsidiary is improvements in productivity in order to become even more competitive. A great example of this is that the company has extended the production capability for compression springs up to 8 mm in wire diameter with all processes needed, e.g. stress relieving, shot peening and grinding.

“We have also invested heavily in fully automatic machines such as pre-setting, sorting, packing and assembling machines for springs, stampings and screw/bushing assemblies. Most of the machines include CCD systems and force measurement that allows a fully inspected product based on critical characteristics. These in-house processes enables us to have a very competitive set-up, which allow our customers to take the products directly into their automatic assembly lines”, says Mikael Andersson.  

Quality capability increase

The quality system is constantly improved after audits from both external and internal quality auditors and also after useful input from customers. Lesjöfors China has also used third party trainers from TUV in quality methodology. Some investments worth mentioning is a new force measurement from Microstudio that covers the overall spring range with high quality and precision measurement equipment. There is also a new 3D scanning equipment implemented that compares shapes of the products with 3D files.

Salt spray test equipment that decrease lead times and costs in the project’s startup phase is another important addition that adds on more control without external costs. Moreover, a new SPC (Statistic Process Control) system from REktron  is used that allows better and easier registration, traceability and abilities to handle measurement data.
“In total, our focused work with the quality system, methods and equipment has brought a quality mindset to our whole organization that our customers certainly benefit from in the long run”, says Mikael Andersson.

A competence hub within the group

Mikael Andersson explains the factors behind Lesjöfors China’s successful sales work:
“During our 14 years of operations in China we have constantly increased our knowledge in the technology field which is a cornerstone to a fruitful development.  In several areas, we are a competence hub within the Lesjöfors group. Screws/bushing systems and deep drawings are examples of this. Overall, our investments and dedicated work has led to improved quality, satisfied customers and a good growth.”

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