CEO: ”Our group is resilient and we adapt to the development day by day”

Our world faces major challenges and our group must adapt to the prevailing circumstances and contribute in minimizing the risk of spreading the coronavirus. We want to be transparent about how we are affected, but also tell you our ability to deliver.

Karlstad, Sweden – In many aspects, ‘business as usual’ prevails in the Lesjöfors companies, but some countries have introduced strict regulations that affect us. We have activated a carefully prepared emergency plan both at group level and in every company. We follow the development globally and locally and adapt quickly to the current situation. The group management meets daily to analyze the situation for the group; the local managements do the same in each individual company.

Resources and actions quickly in place

Weekly, we make a new assessment of the financial effects for the group as a whole at a consolidated level based on the situation of our companies. Hereby we can ensure that we allocate the right resources to the right place and can take powerful measures if and where needed.

Securing deliveries and staff

For the time being, we have observed a slight decline in sales, but we are working effortlessly to secure our deliveries to all customers. Of course, we also focus on strong measures that minimize the risk of infection for our employees at all facilities. In addition to clear protocols for hygiene, health and absence due to illness, we minimize exposure to infection by reducing meetings between people to the greatest extent possible. If the work situation allows, employees have the opportunity to work from home. In this way, we also contribute to reducing the spread of infection in our societies.

Production in China back to normal

We are very pleased that our company in China is back in normal operation and we can see that the consequences of previous reductions so far have been limited. Our focus is spring supplies to our customers as planned. Deliveries to the automotive industry have declined due to the general slowdown in the industry.

Covid-19 status on our website

We have published a status report on how Covid-19 affects our business on our website, which we continuously update. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in this matter. I can ensure that we are doing what we can to keep our operations running safely. Together we must ride out this storm and hope that everything is back to normal within a few months. Until then, we carry on, support and take care of each other.

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