a door spring installation from inside a garage

Spring-in-spring – optimal tension springs for garage doors

Springs are vital for the perceived quality of a sectional overhead garage door. If door springs are not well balanced, the door does not run smoothly. Spring technology is a complex part of the sectional overhead garage door and a mix of factors determine the life span, quality and functioning of a spring.

A fruitful partnership

Alcomex, a subsidiary in the Lesjöfors’ Group, is a highly specialized leading supplier to the door spring market in Europe. One of Alcomex’s customers is ConDoor, a major manufacturer of insulated overhead doors for industrial and residential buildings and produces more than 50,000 doors annually. Since 2017, Alcomex is the sole supplier of door springs to the company after a process of investigating, bench-marking and testing of Alcomex’s solutions.

The CEO of ConDoor, Kees-Jan Honig, comments on the test process:

“After running a severe testing program in our own lab, we started producing small batches of doors with Alcomex springs. When all the lights turned green in 2017, we took the next step and Alcomex became our sole supplying partner in springs. Which means that we are 100% relying on their operational excellence performance. Also our customers, the door dealers that install the door at the homeowner or industrial facility, were happy with the new quality, life span and balance as well.”

Revolutionary innovative spring solution

The ConDoor team has expressed its high thoughts of Alcomex’ innovative approach. Alcomex introduced a Quattro tension spring solution which brought many benefits to the table for ConDoor. Earlier, tension springs were perceived as a secondary solution in the garage door business.

Kees-Jan Honig explains:

“Torsion springs could be calculated exactly to the right door weight and lifting system and with tension springs people always claimed that you had to compromise on this. The Quattro system proved to be perfect for our residential doors. Thanks to the spring-in-spring solution, the system was able to comply with the tough European safety norms. Also, the construction of the spring sets proved to be very compact, using little build-in space, which made it possible for us to offer pre-tensioned hardware sets to our customers, saving them time and money on site. The next step was the availability of that system for higher door weights, meaning bigger garage doors. Nobody wants to go back to the more complex and expensive old solution now.”

Long-term relationship

ConDoor’s approach is that they prefer to develop a relationship with a supplier to a level that both parties benefit from, rather than switching partner frequently. A speaking example of flexibility is the direct supply that Alcomex organized from its’ factory in India to ConDoor’s plants in the Netherlands.

“Both parties have to make money and on both sides there are people working to do their utmost. But people make mistakes sometimes and for us, it is important that problems are solved without any hesitation and that our supplying partner can follow our growth. In Alcomex, we have a partner with good logistic performance, high-quality product with ongoing development and a team of people that seem to realize what we need every day”, says Kees-Jan Honig.

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