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Lesjöfors innovate performance suspension springs for the Polestar 2 BST Edition 270

Collaborating with Polestar, the electric performance car company, Lesjöfors has designed and developed the pioneering suspension springs on the Polestar 2 BST edition 270 - the limited-edition performance car created to push the boundaries of electric performance.

Taking the DNA of the Polestar 2, the BST edition 270 is an expertly tuned, handling-focused, limited-edition performance EV, hand-finished to exact specifications, using select, zero-tolerance performance parts.

To meet the extraordinary execution required, Lesjöfors was asked to deliver on the zero-tolerance performance parts, developing bespoke suspension springs to secure the performance levels being asked by these advancements in EV frontiers.

Tests and fine-tuning at the spring factory

Establishing a live workshop in the Lesjöfors factory in the middle of Sweden with a Polestar test car, suspension spring designs were manufactured, mounted and tested around the roads of the factory and the suspension spring performance was evaluated and fine-tuned between the Polestar and Lesjöfors engineers.

A unique service

Securing the winning suspension spring, Joakim Rydholm, Head of Chassis Development at Polestar says:

“It was so cool to build and test the suspension spring function on site, in the factory. Lesjöfors’ service is unique. They have a deep understanding of spring precision. They developed springs that were made just for this car – you could almost say hand-crafted with generations of spring specialist knowledge that therefore uniquely delivers the level of quality and performance we require.”

Close cooperation as one team

Olof Jonsson, Sales Manager for Lesjöfors says:

“When Joakim called us and revealed that his CEO wanted to take the DNA of the hugely successful Polestar 2 and reimagine it into a limited-edition performance car, which had to be in production in 12 months and needed some very special springs, we knew we had an exceptional project to deliver. We have a perfect partnership with Polestar. With them, we work as one team. Everyone from the design departments to the material scientists to the operators on the coilers to the paint shop, all worked and learned together to deliver the results Polestar were looking for.”

Lowering kit for regular Polestar 2

The success of the project has led to a new development enabling regular Polestar 2 owners to order a new lowering kit from Polestar, complete with two front and two rear Lesjöfors suspension springs.

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