A spring glowing from production on a hot coiling machine

1M investment doubles hot coiling manufacturing capacity 

The Lesjӧfors Group, world-leaders in spring and pressing manufacture, has seen an increase in demand for its large diameter spring product range and consequently has invested over one million euros in the purchase of an additional hot coiling line.

Market expansion 

Expanding its market leading spring manufacture capabilities across applications in industries such as energy, rail, mining and power generation, this investment not only doubles hot coiling production but also sees the return of the hot coiling manufacturing process back to its roots, in the town of Lesjӧfors in Sweden.  

Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjӧfors Group says: “Our heavy springs product range – the larger wire size market – has been rapidly expanding across our portfolio. This latest investment is in direct response to customer demand, enhancing our hot coiling capacity and capabilities in line with market growth, ensuring we continue to deliver the quality, industry leading turnaround times and customer service we excel at.” 

Global knowledge sharing 

As heavy springs are a key component within a number of major global industries, it’s fitting that this investment has involved parties from all over the world. The line was purchased from South Africa, bespoke refining elements have been added with specialist additions from China, and personnel have skill shared across these countries as well as the UK, Finland and Sweden.  

1500 square metres of the factory in Lesjӧfors has been adapted with specialist equipment to facilitate the new line, to maximise efficiencies and production processing.  

Strategy secures growth 

Michael Gibbs, Head of Heavy Springs concludes: “We’re delighted that our strategic sales focus has secured a solid pipeline of qualified leads, which are now all lined up to be manufactured on the new hot coiling machine. This development propels Lesjӧfors’ evolving dominance within the specialist hot coiling sector.” 

In the last three years, the Lesjӧfors Group has grown from a 250m euro company to a 365m euro company and with an ongoing growth strategy, the spring manufacturer is pressing ahead with its leading position on the spring industry market. 

Hot coiling heritage 

Spring manufacturing originated in Lesjӧfors in 1852 and in the following years, the group’s spring expertise diversified and expanded all over the world, with hot coiling geographically diversifying to specialist teams and facilities in Finland. This new investment and expansion of hot coiling production into Sweden, returns the hot coiling legacy and secures Lesjӧfors as the number one hot coiling manufacturer in the Nordics and Europe.  

Jan Carlson, Managing Director of Lesjӧfors, Sweden continues: “Diversifying into a new specialist side of spring manufacture is electrifying. Our teams are buzzing with excitement. Everyone is fired up and can’t wait to get into the full swing of production, doing what we do best, manufacturing exceptionally accurate, quality springs, that are loyally trusted by our customers. 

Hot coiling is still remembered by some of our elder town’s folk today. We see this as a new chapter in our spring history, they see it as a piece of history returning home and it’s wonderful to be part of this and to witness their joy.” 

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