Wire items from Velleuer in electric post cars in Germany

Deutsche Post DHL Group's StreetScooter GmbH has worked hard to make e-mobility standard practice in the logistics industry. The German Lesjöfors company Velleuer is supplying wire rod items to the vehicles.

Velbert, Germany – Thanks to an array of StreetScooter vehicles, together with more than 10,000 e-bikes and e-trikes, Deutsche Post DHL Group today operates the largest electric fleet in Germany. StreetScooter is the name of the DHL subsidiary that self-develops the e-mobility vehicles. Deutsche Post DHL Group plans to replace its entire mail and parcel delivery fleet in the mid-term with electric vehicles that are charged with electricity generated from renewable energy sources.  

Request of high flexibility and know-how

The German Lesjöfors company Velleuer was approached by StreetScooter for supply of wire rod items for the vehicles. Velleuer could live up to the requests of StreetScooter of flexibility and technical expertise.

“At the moment we supply three kinds of wire rod for StreetScooter. We are also working on another product for the company that includes bending. All products are manufactured in Velleuer´s factory in Velbert, Germany. We are happy to support a young and committed StreetScooter team and hope for a prosperous business which in the long run also benefits our planet”, says Matthias Christ, Technical Sales at Velleuer.

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