Happy fishing thanks to durable wire form

Fishing is both a profession, a hobby and a sport all over the world. Practitioners are often very careful about choosing the right equipment and fishing luck is said to vary based on the gear. Lesjöfors has recently had the honor of designing a small but important wire form for a completely new product line of fishing lures.

In the summer of 2021, the fishing lure manufacturer Salta Lure Company contacted Lesjöfors to discuss a solution for a specific component for the newly developed trolling product line, MagPower. The MagPower lures include the quick release solution Power-Lokk that enables a rapid change of lures. Salta Lure requested a component in stainless steel to the locking system. From the very beginning, the customer had a clear picture of what the component would look like and what specifications it needed to meet. After internal discussions, it was clear that the Lesjöfors company in Nordmarkshyttan was best equipped to help out with designing and producing the wire form.

Detailed specification on design and strength

To begin with, the customer’s representative Georgios Toris received samples of how the wire form could be designed. When he was content with the dimension, the technicians at Lesjöfors continued with the requirements for strength, the component needed to withstand a weight of remarkable 136 kilos. Lesjöfors’ technical expert Mattias Hartvigsson performed a FE analysis on the ring diameter in question and it turned out to work excellently.

Stainless steel for salt water

The choice of wire material fell on the stainless steel Duplex EN10270-3-1.4462 as it is hard and can withstand a lot of load.

“Unfortunately, the wire form will probably never break so the only way we will have the opportunity to sell more is if the fishermen drop the fishing box in the lake,” says Christian Larsson, technical sales at Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar in Nordmarkshyttan.

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