Adding bounce to the trampoline industry

Is there anything springier than a trampoline? In most people’s eyes, it certainly is a typical use of a spring. Lesjöfors, known for developing the best and most durable tension springs on the market, have recently expanded into the trampoline sector.

Herrljunga, Sweden – A trampoline is a common element in most family gardens. Children of all ages love to jump, play and do acrobatics on them. To become a high performing top seller, crucial features of the product need to be in place. Most importantly, the bounce needs to be just right and the springs must be durable for years. In addition to the range of consumer products, there is also a market for professional trampolines that are required to deliver an enhanced performance.

Tested by the best to be the best

One of the major players in the trampoline market recently contacted Lesjöfors in Herrljunga, Sweden with a request for a spring that delivered a higher quality of experience and ‘better feeling’.

After a meeting with the customer, four versions of a new tension spring offering differing strength and ‘bounce’ reaction options were developed. The customer company was so impressed, they ordered a set of each spring to carry out testing experiments.

Henrik Berner, sales manager for Lesjöfors in Herrljunga, supervised the test event saying: “Four of Sweden’s leading trampoline athletes were invited to test the springs in their real environment. Their commitment was exceptional and after vigorous analysis, all the test staff concluded that one of the four springs had the optimal properties they were looking for.”

Team effort
The tension springs for the premium trampolines will be delivered in early 2019.

Springs for other products in the range are also under discussion.

“This project is a proof of good teamwork between the customer and several Lesjöfors companies, where prototypes and tests were carried out in Herrljunga and then transferred to production at our Nordmarkshyttan plant. Sport is very much a team effort and you can certainly say Lesjofors teamwork delivered a winning result.” concludes Henrik Berner.

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