Spring materials

Lesjöfors represents high quality. It is not enough just to create the optimum spring geometry, you also have to use the right spring materials. Spring materials properties form the basis of a functional spring.

Spring Materials

The choice of spring materials are entirely governed by the application that the springs will be used in, and must consider important factors such as stress, temperature, risk of corrosion etc. The Lesjöfors group works with all types of metallic spring materials in all types of cross-section.

Examples of spring materials that we work with:

  • Cold drawn and cold rolled low-alloy steel
  • Patent and cold drawn wire
  • Hardenable spring steel
  • Oil tempered spring wire and bainite hardened strip
  • Stainless spring steel
  • Stainless spring steel with extremely good corrosion properties
  • Stainless spring steel for higher temperatures
  • Stainless non-magnetic steel
  • Alloys for medical applications
  • Copper alloys
  • Anti-magnetic acid-resistant spring steel etc
  • Titanium alloys

Expertise in super alloy springs

Lesjöfors has long experience, technical calculation skills and production capacity in the area, and also stocks a standardized range of super alloys in sheet, strip and wire suitable for springs. Examples of product areas are disc springs, compression springs, torsion springs, tension springs and leaf springs.

The following alloys are kept in stock:

  • Inconel X-750®1
  • Inconel 718®1
  • Nimonic 90®1
  • Hastelloy C-276®2
  • MP 35N®3
  • AISI 316
  • Elgiloy®4

In addition to these, a number of other alloys are orderable.

New super alloy in stock

Alloy 3J21, with properties comparable to Elgiloy® and Phynox®5, is new in the assortment. It is a Cobalt-Chromium-Nickel alloy which gives a combination of high strength, ductility and good mechanical properties and is age hardenable. Alloy 3J21 also has excellent fatigue life, corrosion resistance in numerous environments and is non-magnetic.

  1. Trade name of Special Metals Group of companies 
  2. Trade name of Haynes International
  3. Trade name of SPS Technologies
  4. Trade name of Elgiloy Speciality Metals
  5. Trade name of ArcelorMittal Stainless & Nickel Alloys
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