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medical springs medical springs 

Medical springs for medical requirements

There is a special department at Lesjöfors for medical springs. Some medical springs are implanted straight into the patient's body. Others are used for various applications, such as pacemakers.

Many applications require specialised materials and extremely small dimensions, such as arterial widening, which requires dimensions right down to 0.03 millimetre.


The materials we work with in our medical segment can be Platinum-Iridium, Platinum-Tungsten or Tungsten.
Examples of products in this segment can be microsprings (fixing or guidelines during operations), reinforcement spirals (for arterial walls etc) and long spirals (for configuration on site for unique medical applications).


Medical springs use micro coiling, wire forms and special coiling

Micro coils, in various dimensions and shapes, used as components in small medical devices, in bright or coated materials such as stainless steel alloys, Platinum-Iridium, Platinum-Tungsten, Tungsten, etc., wire sizes as small as 0.030 mm. Shaped wire components made from stainless steel alloys, precious metal alloys such as Platinum-Iridium and Platinum-Tungsten for various applications, wire sizes 0.10 - 0.80 mm.

Special shaped coils with variable pitch, long coils as components for special guide wires.

Special coiling of various Platinum-Iridium alloys into helical /fixation electrodes and multifilar electrode coils, very small sizes and complex shapes, with stringent requirements for dimensional tolerances, surface, quality control, cleaning, packaging and registration .

Reinforcment coils in medical springs

Spiral reinforced Polymer tubing is used for several applications in medical treatment. These spirals have a high coiling ratio, sometimes they have variable pitch and spring diameter (tapered shape), lengths of up to 350 mm or longer. Materials used are Stainless Steels, most commonly AISI 302 round spring wire in the range from 0.20 to 0.40 mm with a bright, clean surface. Coils are cleaned free from contamination such as oils and particles, and packed in such a way that contamination, damage and tangling during transport and storage are prevented.


Medical springs with long coils

Long coils, up to a length of 6.000 mm, are produced for several applications. These can be components for the production of various guide wires, using bright or PTFE (PolyTetraFluorEthylene) coated stainless steel round or shaped wires. Wire sizes range from 0.060 mm to 0.254 mm (basic wire size). The automatic coiling process is controlled by laser sensors.

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