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Lesjöfors is one of few spring manufacturers of hot coiled springs in Europé. Our customers of these massive and strong compression springs made in materials dimensions ranging from 5 to 350 kg and rod up to 65 mm are used every industry sector , paper and pulp industry but also offshore, automation and infrastructure. The hot coiled springs from Lesjöfors are made in Åminnefors in Finland and have wide usage areas from railway wagons to powerful safety ventilators in oil wells on the seabed and in subsea equipment.

The steel is delivered in wire/bars up to 14 m, the springs are wrapped up in hot condition, are hardened, sharpened and inspected as well as surface treated according to customer preferences.

Contact information:
Customers in Denmark and Norway contact Lesjöfors sales office in their own country.

Customers in Finland and other countries contact the factory directly.


Here is a technical report about "Induction heating of steel bars for hot coiled spring production"


Lesjöfors hot coiled compression springs up to 65mm diameters bar.
The length of the bar is limited to 14 m.
Lesjöfors is the only manufacturer of hot coiled compression springs in the Nordic area.



Hot coiled springs

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