The Öresund bridge

Lesjöfors created a technical solution for the Öresund Bridge. The assignment demanded that we should stop the large vibrations which worried road users. Lesjöfors used testing and adjustments to find an effective solution for the problem.

In certain wind and temperature conditions, several of the cables in the Öresund suspension bridge vibrated strongly. In the long term, this could have threatened the strength of the bridge.

Lesjöfors was given the assignment from the main contractor, of finding a solution to the problem. Several departments were engaged, and after extensive testing and adjustment, we were able to start production.

The solution was a number of dampers for the most exposed cables on the bridge. Our dampers consist of a tube that contains a compression spring and other components. The spring then supports a movable weight, shaped like a piston, and provided with a movable ring. The ring can be used to regulate the air flow on each side of the piston, for each separate cable.

The dampers have been installed in pairs in the centre of the cables. Two of them have been equipped with laser gauges for monitoring and registration of piston movement. Lesjöfors work provided an effective solution to the problem.

Vibration in the Öresund bridge. Lesjöfors found a solution.
Compression spring reference
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