Lesjöfors backed an effective tool that is used in the oil industry. The client, a Norwegian company, lost both time and money when drill bits frequently broke in hard rock. Lesjöfors has devised an powerful tool to solve the problem.

Lesjöfors collaborates with a Norwegian company in the oil industry. The company lost both time and money because the drill bit sometimes broke when it hit pockets of hard rock when it was drilling. The company on the oil rig had to lift the drill up and change the bit, which cost both time and money.

Lesjöfors was given the assignment of developing a special tool that would reduce the load when the drill bit came into contact with hard rocks. The solution was a number of durable and heavy compression springs that compensated for the preassure.
But there was a problem. This was the high temperatures that are developed during drilling, which affect the properties of the compression spring. Lesjöfors had to develop a spring material that could withstand the extreme temperature conditions that occur during oil drilling.

These days, our Norwegian collaboration partners can work unhindered on the oil rig. The process has become even more efficient thanks to our design, and so far no similar problems have occurred.

Our ambition has always been to find the most efficient solution possible, both for us and for our collaboration partners. For us, it is very important that our solutions should have the highest quality, and that they are always delivered in time and that we always maintain our products. This forms the foundation of our operations.

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