Lesjöfors is in the forefront of innovative solutions for the telecom industry. Manufacture takes place in Sweden and China, where we serve the telecom industry with exciting methods and specialist knowledge in the area of cosmetic components.

 Mobile phonde desig detail Mobile phonde design detail  Mobile phone design detail 

We have always been responsible for the entire production line. This includes all finishing such as hairline brushing, anodising, sand blasting and Diamond Cut. We have now further improved our competitiveness by engaging further suppliers in the area around Changzhou in China.

The latest processes included in our product range are EP (electro-polishing), PVD (colouring of stainless steel and laser welding, but that is just the start. We constantly work on developing innovative spring solutions and new processes, to become even more successful and to continue to be a step in front of our competitors.

Please read more about our wire forms and stampings.

Unique telecom solutions is standard processes for Lesjöfors
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