Medical safety product with exceptional quality demands

2010-07-01 For two years, Lesjöfors has been involved in a development project to improve a needle protection for a catheter used in health care. The project resulted in a high-quality product used worldwide.

The customer is an international med-tech company that manufactures and markets healthcare products and conduct research and clinical laboratory work. The company is a global leader in the development of products that help reduce the risk of needle stick and blood-transmitted infections. Authorities set extremely high standards of hygiene and quality of medical equipment and within a few years even more rigorous demands will apply for needle protection in Europe.

Development of critical component
The customer has recently conducted a major development project to improve the quality of one of its products, a catheter with needle protection. Lesjöfors was conducted to assist with the further development and production of the needle protection part of the catheter, which is a very critical component for the product´s performance. Since it is a product used in health care, the quality standards are very tough. The development and validation process has been long, two years from project start to the series production of the component.

Product used worldwide
The component is manufactured by Lesjöfors in Värnamo, where the experienced development engineers who participated in the project also work. The needle protection component consists of a stamping in a thin, stainless steel material with high tensile strength. The catheter is manufactured at several places globally, including Europe, North America and Asia.

“We are very pleased that we could live up to the customer's high demands. It has been challenging and developing for us to take part in such a long development process. Thanks to our expertise in the manufacture of components in thin spring material, we could influence the design of the product”, says Marcus Hartvigsson, Chief Technology Officer for Lesjöfors Banddetaljer in Värnamo.

The contract is ultimately worth several millions SEK per year for Lesjöfors.

Segment with great potentials
In the segment of medical devices, Lesjöfors´ unique skills and capabilities match excellently. This market has great potential for Lesjöfors´ flexibility in development and manufacturing.



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