Lesjöfors probably made the most expensive spring in the world

2010-02-22 The largest and probably the most costly spring of its´ kind has been designed and manufactured for an oil refinery in Qatar. Lesjöfors is one of few spring suppliers in the world who can produce such an exclusive spring.

British company Goodwin International Ltd is the market leader in the manufacture and design of check valves, used for aggressive liquids such as e.g. crude oil. Goodwin contacted Lesjöfors in the process of designing a check valve for an oil refinery in Qatar. The flap valve is the largest designed ever in the company history, with a throughput of 84 inches (2 134 millimetres). To secure the function of the valve, a customized spring in a very durable material was required.

A gigantic “super spring“
The customized spring was produced from Inconel X-750, a very expensive super alloy with high resistance to corrosion and heat. The exclusive material is used in demanding environments and applications such as e.g. oil exploitation, reactors and chemical processes, where amongst others the Norwegian oil industry is an important market to Lesjöfors. The Qatar spring is unique in the sense that it measures 24,4 millimetres in wire diameter. Lesjöfors is one of few spring suppliers in the world that has the skills and capability to manufacture such a high-quality spring in an extremely large dimension.

- The production process was thrilling, to say the least. If something would have gone wrong the spring had been unusable and values worth the sum of a new car had been lost, says Göran Andersen, Senior Advisor at Lesjöfors Stockholm Springs and project manager for the “super spring”.  



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