Customized spring cotter pins in electrical moonbikes

We have the pleasure to announce an exciting customer case - a zero emission snowmobile. MoonBikes approached our Dutch subsidiary Alcomex for a customized spring, which later led to a wider cooperation including suspension springs.

MoonBikes is a manufacturer located in the French Alps and the first to develop 100% electric snowmobiles. The idea for this snowmobile was born from a simple observation: in summer, the means of transportation are endless, while in winter, mobility in snow-covered environments is much more limited, expensive and polluting. How to move, explore and move around, while respecting the environment? The solution was an innovative and powerful snowmobile with an electric propulsion system.

Over the moon delighted

A representative from MoonBikes contacted the Dutch Lesjöfors company Alcomex since they urgently needed spring cotter pins for their vehicle. Alcomex’ standard spring range did not cover their need so a customized solution was requested. Thanks to great support from Alcomex’ factory in Brno, the spring experts succeeded in meeting Moonbikes’ needs. The MoonBikes team appreciated the quick and adaptive response and the assistance exceeded their expectations. After gaining respect and trust, Alcomex is now assisting in the manufacture of MoonBikes’ main springs, the suspension springs.

Marco Dekker, Director Technology at Alcomex commented on the innovative project:

“It was a real challenge to overcome the technical demands and a real team effort. The super interaction between the MoonBikes team, the production in Brno and our engineers made it possible to design functional solution.”

Lesjöfors AB